Preparing your home for sale

You have made the decision to sell your home, but do you leave it as is or renovate it to its best to maximize the price?

Have you been told that your spending on preparing you house before selling is the waste and you are not going to get anything in return?

We appreciate that this is a tough decision.

First, the realestate agents usually encourage you to leave your house as it is. The reason being that they want your business as quickly as possible. additionally, they do not want you to spend any money, so you are happy with their usually lower than maximum appraisal.

Second, not everybody is a renovator or have time to look after all the little bits of pieces.

Third, sellers usually find it hard to come to a list of to-do items and find appropriate tradies to attend to that plan reliably in time and budget.

Last bu not list, how to come up with the required budget to give your house a renovation love.

We to tally understand it, but let us give you an example. our client in Berwick struggled hard to sell their house for $460,000 when they called us in to repair and paint their house in preparation to sell. The house was a common house with a family and a large dog living in the house. you can imagine that artwork done on the door with the young fella, or the cracks around the ceiling and around the architraves.

consider that everybody is time poor these days. On the other hand, not everybody is an engineer to understand the difference between a cosmetic and structural crack in the property. These are the reason that the potential buyers were not interested to offer the value that the sellers were looking at. The fact is, there was no competition in the process, and it is not expected to receive an interesting offer in the lack of of competitive atmosphere.

With only a few grand we were able to provide the owner with the color consultation, repair, cleaning, painting and decorating services, which in return they received an offer of $540,000 shortly after the completion of the project. it was worth it. wasn’t it?

But you might think “well! it must be a special case”, or “I don’t think I can afford even that few grands”, or even “my house is in need of alot of works, and cannot turn over with just such a simple project”.

Good news is that we believe the worse the house condition is, the higher the potential added value will be.

For your convenience, we provide two methods to suite your dream.

Owner funded project

you may have a clear mind about what you want, have the budget figured out and are ready to manage the project to the end.

Well! this is a brave decision. what you need to do is to hire the tradies to do the task of your plan in your time and budget. GREAT IDEA!

Then we can help you with the following services

  • Cleaning, and carpet cleaning
  • Interior design
  • Painting and decorating
  • repair to plasters, architraves, doors and skirting boards
  • Bathroom restoration and renovation
  • Project management

Before we explore the second methods, I want to mention the biggest mistake that these typical owners do. Sometimes, we afe asked by the owners, ” You know! I am selling it, So, I just need a quick and cheap job. the price is only driving factor in the project. Well! I can understand that your budget might be limited, and you might slip and overspend on a couple of project, and before you know you run out of budget. But very important to know that, in most cases, there is not whole lot of difference in value added if you do something cheap and unprofessionally compared to not doing it at all. If you decide that you have to do a project in your house in order to prepare it for sale, You will be much better off to do it to a high quality standard level. This is the actual value added.

Contractor funded project

This is usually a more expensive way to up your house and its listed price, But you PAY NOTHING IN ADVANCE! You might think it is too good to be true.  Well! The fact is that IT IS NOT!


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